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Soul Intentions

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Розробник: ThinkMobiles

I had a Near Death Experience after a burst cerebral aneurysm which changed my life forever. It was a blessing, but also a curse in that it changed everything I once held as true. I now see life as a mission to encourage, empower and inspire people as a way of being an instrument for God’s use. My daily intentions began flowing out of me several years ago. I used them to make my own life meaningful as I created an “intention” as a way of empowering myself with my newly learned knowledge from my experience.
I began posting them on Face Book, and thus made them available to many people. I began receiving emails every day telling me how much my “intention” meant. I began feeling more and more as though my struggles were the same as many people’s struggles. It didn’t matter if I went to Brazil or Greece, I wrote my intentions where ever I was every day. The Brazilian sun cast a different mood on the intention just as my travel to Hawaii or Greece did, but it didn’t’ matter. When you live life aware, you struggle with conflicts within yourself. I write these for you and those you love because I don’t know how else to express and share this incredible love I experienced for a short time with God. We grow up hearing about God’s love, but the incredible gift that my Near Death Experience left with me is the need to be an instrument for sharing the most incredible love I ever experienced. Use my intentions to encourage you to live a life you love and know that you are loved in return.